Tayion Collection

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Tayion Collection, a high fashion clothing company based in the Metro Detroit area, is readying to boost its Big-Box presence in Macy’s and Men’s Wearhouse. With its new headquarters in Taylor, MI, three offices in New York, licensing partnerships with three major apparel companies (Peerless Clothing, Versa Group and Bespoke Fashion) and expanded portfolio, Tayion is poised to make a huge splash in the fashion industry. Tayion is owned and operated by Montee Holland who is planning to add national sales and support teams, broaden its e-commerce division and increase the Tayion Collection social media presence.

A History of Success

For 14 years, Holland’s design leaned on a traditional licensing model, being paid royalties from licensees in exchange for infrastructure, manufacturing, sales, and distribution capabilities. At the end of 2016, the Detroit native and Marine Corps veteran decided to sever his licensing agreement once he discovered his licensee was underreporting unit sales.

Our company took two seasons off to strategize and reshape our business model after nixing the agreement. Today, our business is handling our own distribution processes at our new base, while manufacturing primarily happens at our factory in Turkey.

In 2019, Tayion Collection was among a select bunch handpicked from a pool of 3,000 applicants to participate in a diversity retail-vendor development program called The Workshop at Macy’s in New York City. Our company captured the interest of an investment group, MBE Capital Partners LLC, a New York-based global finance lender. They approved a $10M line of credit to scale Tayion Collection across the country and abroad.

Tayion Collection presented the 2020 collection at the fashion trade show Magic Las Vegas in August, 2019 where we got the Best in Show award. Throughout Holland’s career, his designs have been a favorite by many celebrities and high-profile pastors.

The Business Today

Currently, Tayion Collection produces 2,000 suits per month. Our firm plans to reach $7M in annual revenue this year after moving into our new 5,000-square-foot headquarters in Taylor, Michigan in late 2019. This facility serves as a warehouse, showroom, office space, and distribution center. The showroom will present the Tayion Collection lines to clients by appointment only.

Our company is known globally for our wool and polyester suit lines, such as our 2005 collection called T-Fusion. With a $10M in growth capital, we recently expanded our portfolio to include blazers, shirts, ties, and outwear lines for men and women.

Expanded Market Coverage

Established in 2003, our clothing lines can be found in stores such as The Broadway and The City Warehouse (Michigan), Suit City (Florida), Morovati Uomo (California), Runway and Vilanto (North Carolina), and many more.

Holland expects to double that figure over the next several months as we move to ramp up our big-box presence with Macy's and other retail partnerships with about 150 specialty store accounts across the United States.

Our firm will be adding sales representatives to oversee the different regions across the country. Aside from that, our store plans to hire 12-15 employees over the next year, including positions such as chief financial officer and warehouse manager, along with office and customer service posts.