Montee Holland

It’s not enough just to buy a piece from my collection or from any collection for that matter, it is imperative that you have it tailored properly. You do not have to spend a tremendous amount of money, but when budgeting for a garment, be sure to include a modest tailoring cost.

Tailoring should not only include having the pants hemmed, but also ensuring the sleeves are an appropriate length (approximately ½ inch of the shirt cuff should extend past your jacket sleeve – be sure your shirt fits. lol) and the waist of the pants is fitted properly on the natural waist.   And for the real “Tayion” man, add a bit of contouring to the jacket and vest if necessary.

Final Note: I should not be able to see your ankles nor should the pants drag the ground.  Until next time, don’t be afraid to make it POP!